NAUGHTY MATHS To be good in Maths, you must have a Mathematical Brain

"Naughty Maths" is a competitive and 100% game based program that endow students with challenging opportunities to evolve as intellectual beings. This is a specialized program that ensures practicing maths in an engaging and fun loving environment. It is an enrichment program that enhances children's mental arithmetic skills. We connect the naughtiness of children with the competitive, challenging and interesting games (games=maths=fun). "Happy Stress" (as we call it) while playing these exiting games, increases the dopamine level of children and improves their "number sense" along with the overall brain abilities. The students enrolling for "Naughty Maths" are taught Maths tricks on a gaming platform to help them perform mental maths with ease, accuracy and speed.


Interesting games for children to make maths learning easy and fun. Mathematical games to be played in every class.


Regular practice of maths problems on a gaming platform allows performing mental calculations in just 2-3 seconds.


Vedic concept of Naughty Maths makes maths calculations faster, accurate and interesting. This develops number sense in the children.


Naughty Maths is a platform for kids that promote good beginnings towards mathematics. Throughout the initial ages, children show strong attraction for maths through activities such as counting their toys, finding patterns in puzzles or building shapes and blocks. But eventually, we experience a withdrawal from the subject. Maths becomes a 'scare' for many.

At Naughty Maths, we adopt game based maths tutoring where children get engaged into play. Pursuing the game, they tackle several problems that help them beat hurdles like time, speed & accuracy. Learning through varied aspects of play often promotes children to think & come up with new approaches.

The features of Naughty Maths program are

Game based learning for kids in standard 2nd to 6th
Calculation speed as less as 2-3 seconds per question
Exclusive course material
Efficient practice structured for every hour spent
Customized courses for students

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