Children are born smart; but when it comes to success, smartness and intelligence go hand in hand. The stronger your child's cognitive skills are, the more intelligent he/she will become; and eventually lead a successful life. A faster, smarter, and more efficient brain is what your child needs today.

Neural SpaceTM, licensed by Colorado-based LearningRx is India's first authorized brain training center. Similar to the highly-acclaimed one-on-one brain training organization of the US; LearningRx, Neural Space mainly aims at improving core cognitive skills in children of all ages. We are here to assist you in your child's exemplary upbringing.

At Neural Space we have developed a proprietary program named 'BrainRx'. Specifically designed to target the children struggling with ADHD (Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder), BrainRx facilitates easy understanding, fast learning, and better performance at school. By sharpening the cognitive skills of your children, we empower them to learn faster and easier.

BrainRx is effective not only in children, but also in adults and senior citizens. Be it a struggling student or a preschooler, a professional or a pensioner; everyone can equally benefit from BrainRx. Faster learning and improved ability to focus and perform well will boost your confidence and also change your attitude towards life.


At BrainRx we

Determine the strengths & weaknesses
Improve cognitive skills & comprehensive abilities through customized programs
Help achieve double results in half the time & cost

Most importantly, BrainRx guarantees sustainable and long-lasting results. With Neural Space you can get an enhanced brain at any age. With a series of mental exercises with your personal one-on-one trainer, you can witness the changes in the way your brain thinks, learns, and remembers. We at Neural Space aim to identify and sharpen your cognitive skills, which play a leading role in how we learn.

If you want your children to develop better learning skills and thus secure their future, BrainRx is the solution. A visit to our Neural Space center may change your entire life!

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